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If You Don't Know Where You're Going

Any Road Will Get You There

19 October
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I adore musicals, I like slash, and I really, really, really hate Maya from Heroes. (Thank God she died)

My obsessions change around a lot, don't be surprised if one day I'm talking about the Anthony Rapp and his spaztic dancing in La Vie Boheme and then speaking of Sylar and how amazing those Sybrows are the next.

Favorite bands/singers include: Muse, Evanescense, Josh Groban, Seabird, Flyleaf, Francesca Battistelli, Sara Bareilles, and so much more.

Please call me Lushy, it's the nickname I've had for the past year.

Pintoberry Credit: merrymatryoshka
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Icon Credits: Sadly, when I first got the icons, I failed to take note of their makers. If there are any icons that you see that you've created or know who created, please notify me. I will happily credit.